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Welcome to Freeware Site! It has been at least fifteen years since I created a website, and it seems like that was yesterday. I did create a lot of business websites, but I always loved creating sites that offered freeware. I wished I had kept my personal free site online, but that is in the past, so I hope I can share some great freeware with you here, so just enjoy and know that everything is free.

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Ninite Install and Update All Your Programs at Once, a real time saver that works great

Patch My PC is an easy way to update or install a large list of programs on to your computer.

Classic Start Menu is a highly customizable start menu with multiple styles and skins.

Malware Bytes Secure your devices with the #1 malware removal and protection software.

Anytext Searcher is a powerful file full-text search engine, a desktop search application for fast document retrieval.

Keeping Old Operating Systems Alive

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