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I have come to the point where if you like a browser more than another, just use it. I do trust the video below, and it seems like they are all about the same!

Great extension, I like going back and see where I have been you go back and do it all over:_)

Thanks to yet another speed dial as I was about to give up. Some of the ones from past were not doing what they once did and this one just hit the mark, spot on!!! Yes you can add categories and all in all best overall. It does work on all browsers, so get the best speed dial ever and read comments if you need further convincing! This link tells the story like the first link to yet another speed dial, ENJOY!

I had just installed this extension on Firefox and looking at a dashcam it give me these savings. Coupert - Automatic Coupon Finder & Cashback is offered by most top browsers plus other ways to save you money.

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