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EasyTechGuides is a website with tips and tutorials for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, gaming, internet, and other tech-related topics. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of helpul information on the site plus he offers videos, great website!

Appuals.com is a leading technology site which serves a diverse readership from the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. Appuals.com has over 2.4 million page views, every month and specializes in reporting news, developments and happenings in the areas of Microsoft, Games and Gaming Hardware and services along with news about security, mobile phones and Linux. Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide consumers with the latest infotainment on industries they follow as well as advanced market intelligence to allow them to make informed decisions. Vision Statement: To push the frontier of advanced reporting and be the quintessential publication house for all things technology. Our Team comprises of professionals who have made their mark in various fields of technology and those who are simply passionate about talking about technology. They have most of the answers to any questions.ere...

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The site is run by Anne, a person with a lot of passion about what she does. She is a professional that has been around PCs since the early ’80s. She has worked for companies including Marriott International, General Electric, Charles Schwab, and a host of smaller companies—trust me she has a lot of goodies on the site and I feel that you will enjoy it!!